Review queue for reviewing and improving automated moderation

You can create custom actions to execute on content or users. The actions will show up in the selected moderation queues, and can be executed by moderators.

Then you can act on the action using webhooks in your application, or using one of our platform plugins.

Another use of actions is to move content to a different queue. Accomplish this by creating a new queue that shows only content with a certain action performed.

Actions can also be performed programmatically using the execute action endpoint.

We recommend using actions for things like:

  • Publish approved content
  • Remove rejected content
  • Ban or approve users
  • … and anything else you can think of

Resolving an item when action is executed

Actions can be configured to resolve the item when the action is executed. This means that the item will be removed from the queue when the action is executed.

This is mainly for to make it faster for moderators, so they don’t have to resolve the item after executing the action.

Adding a value to an action

You can add a value to an action. This value can be used to add a reason for the action, or to add a duration for a ban etc.

Integrating actions

To integrate actions in your application you can use webhooks or use one of our platform plugins.

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