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Create custom models tailored to your specific needs and improve accuracy for special use cases.

Training a custom model may seem daunting at first, but the workflow is userfriendly and designed so anyone can train a model with minimal effort. You can get started in less than 10 minutes.

Custom models helps you

  • Improve accuracy for special use cases
  • Improve models over time with self-learning
  • Classify your data with new labels
  • Bake all your policies into a single model

Guide to create a model

Create a model in less than 15 minutes in the dashboard.

How it works


Define labels

For example “Allowed” and “Blocked”.

Add training data

Upload a CSV or use content you’ve already submitted to Moderation API.


Annotate data

If your training data is missing labels, you can annotate it using our annotation tools.


Begin training

Start the training and wait for it to finish.


Use your new model

Once your model is trained, you can use it your projects in Moderation API.

Training data

It is recommended that you have some examples of your content, ideally 200+ examples, but you can get started with as little as 20 examples.

If you don’t have any data to upload, you can start collecting it today with Moderation API. Everything submitted using the text moderation endpoint will we available as training data for your custom model.

Self-learning models

Custom models are self-learning, which means that they will improve over time as you use them. This is done by using the review queue and correcting the model when it makes a mistake.

Need help getting started?

If you need any guidance for creating a custom model please send us a message any time. We’re happy to help with anything from advice on creating a dataset for your business to implementing the model in your product.

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