Model key: quality

Detect spam and insubstantial text, etc.

Response Example:
  "label": "SPAM",
  "score": 0.9337343,
  "label_scores": {
    "SPAM": 0.9337343,
    "INCOHERENT": 0.89032257,
    "UNSUBSTANTIAL": 0.68944305,
    "NEUTRAL": 0.0662657


UNSUBSTANTIALTrival or short content.
INCOHERENTDifficult to understand and nonsensical.
SPAMRepetitive, irrelevant content trying to make you visit a website eg.
NEUTRALThe text is relativey high quality.

Supported languages

This model works in the following languages:

  • English en
  • Spanish es
  • French fr
  • German de
  • Italian it
  • Portuguese pt
  • Russian ru
  • Japanese ja
  • Indonesian id
  • Chinese zh
  • Dutch nl
  • Polish pl
  • Swedish sv

The model might work on other launguages we haven't tested. Feel free to try it on launguages that are not listed above and provide us with feedback.


This model does not have any API limitations.

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